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For Sale: Murder House Of ‘American Horror Story’

Fans of the new serial horror-drama TV series "American Horror Story" who also have $4.5 million to spare can score the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion - the residence where the show's pilot was shot.Located in the upscale L.A. neighborhood of Country Club Park, the house is referred to as "Murder House" in the show. assures potential buyers that the mansion is not actually haunted, not one foot of its 10,440 square feet. Here are a few property highlights: 6 bedrooms, 5 baths, a grand ballroom currently being used as a recording studio, "the whole shebang of Tiffany fixtures," 6 vintage Batchelder tile fireplaces, a solarium and a nearly full acre of land. The mansion's property listing says the "residence evokes the quality and grandeur of a bygone era and represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity."The Rosenheim Mansion's current asking price, though steep, can be seen as an opportunity, as the property was listed at nearly twice its current price last year - $8.5 million. : Real estate listing for the Rosenheim mansion was updated recently, with a brand-new asking price of $17 million

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Costa Concordia Tragedy: Italians Rage Against Shamed Captain With 'Get Back On Board, For F***'s Sake' T-shirts

Italians are venting spleen against Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino with T-shirts, Facebook pages and Twitter hashtags urging him to “Get Back On Board, For F****’s Sake”.

The command, made via telephone by a furious Italian Coast Guard official has come to symbolise the entire disaster which has seen 11 people lose their lives, the Telegraph reported.

Gregorio De Falco shrieked the order – “Vada a bordo, cazzo” – as Schettino scrambled to safety, leaving his passengers and crew to fend for themselves.

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Habitat: Western Pacific - Japan to New Zealand