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Time Traveler in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Movie Footage?

Filmmaker George Clarke from Belfast thinks he’s come across something quite interesting — a time traveler talking on a cell phone in 1928. Sounds a little crazy, right? The filmmaker shows the evidence in a YouTube video, taken from footage on a DVD of the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre in 1928, and it seems everyone is talking about it!
The YouTube clip has over 1.5 million views. In the video, it looks like a woman is walking along the street at the premiere, with her hand held up to her ear as if she’s talking into a phone. But of course, there were no mobile phones in 1928. While we also have no idea what’s going on, if it IS a phone, the question is — who is on the other end of the line?

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Milla Jovovich could never have a relationship with an actor because they are all “conceited prima donnas” who use too much hair mousse and bath oil.

The 34-year-old is known for being a model, but is also a successful actress. She loves starring in movies, although she admits finding some of the characters she encounters through the job difficult.

Luckily for Milla she is married to writer-and-director Paul W. S. Anderson, with who she has two-year-old daughter Ever. She holds the relationship particularly dear as she knows she couldn’t get romantically involved with most of the men she meets nowadays.

"I would never, ever, start something with an actor. Male actors are just disgusting. They are conceited prima donnas,” she fumed. “Who wants a boyfriend with a bag full of mousses and bath oil?"

Milla and Paul have a strong relationship, and she can’t imagine being with anyone else. She loves the way he gives her the freedom to follow her dreams, and is also grateful that she can have a career and still be a successful mother to Ever.

“I am lucky to have a respectful relationship with an incredible man who I love and look up to,” she told the German edition of In Touch magazine.

“My daughter Ever just comes along with me everywhere. I play with her during shooting breaks. Or we learn Russian. Ever is raised bilingually."

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Paul the Octopus has died...

Berlin, Germany - Paul the Octopus, who correctly predicted the outcome of games during this year's World Cup soccer tournament, has died.

The eight-tentacled cephalopod oracle died of natural causes, the aquarium where he lived said Tuesday. He was 2 and a half.

"We are consoled by the knowledge that he enjoyed a good life here ..." said Stefan Porwoll, manager of the Oberhausen Sea Life Center in western Germany. "We had all naturally grown fond of him and he will be sorely missed."

Paul enthralled millions of people around the world by correctly predicting the outcome of several World Cup matches this year.

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I heard you are writing some scripts and have been in London for couple months, can you talk about your new works in detail?

Why did you take part in RE4?

What's the different between Cruze 1.6T and it’s previous figure?

There's rumor that you'll take part in the hot TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, can you tell us something?

You have been a sex symbol after what you played in PB, how did you annotate your role's character?

Have you interested in shoot some films or TV series in China, or cooperate with Chinese directors?

Did you go to somewhere this time in China?

Did you be recognized?

What's your next work?

The Cruze users are all full of passion and love their life, what are you going after?


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Press Conference

Thank you for the new and improved video/audio, Dreamer! I made some corrections and an update to include his response to the Spartacus rumor. I could clearly hear the word "Spartacus" within the question the reporter was asking.

Part 1
First of all, I’d like to apologize for the delay of the press conference and to thank all of you for your patience while we ironed out the details. And in answer to your question, over the last year I’ve written two scripts. I’m lucky enough to have had one bought by Fox Searchlight. They intend to make it into a movie hopefully within the next year or so. Um, got some very exciting actors attached; no one in an official capacity just yet. I wish I could share more of the details, but all I can say is I’m very excited and very hopeful about the way in which this project is coming forward.

Part 2
(On Resident Evil)I had a fantastic time working on that movie. When I was asked to participate I’d never seen the movies before, but I knew it was a very successful franchise with a large international fan base. And, having worked on Prison Break where I was lucky enough to get fans all over the world, now that the show is done being a part of this movie was a way of staying in touch with those fans.

Part 3
I think what excites me most about the Chevy Cruze Turbo is that it’s the same fast, fun, hip, young car but it’s directly modeled after the Chevy Cruze racing car, and that applies to the detailing on the outside and the souped-up interior as well. So, if anything, it’s even more fun to drive and I think that the commercial showcased it quite nicely.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So, more of the same.

Part 4
(Regarding his interest in pursuing a role in Spartacus: Blood and Sand)" There is no truth to that."

(Regarding his feelings on being called sexy in a survey) I don’t feel like I did a whole lot to earn that title so I don’t really feel a lot of pressure to keep it. I will say that I think the character that I played on Prison Break for four years had a lot to do with my perception in that capacity. I think it was a very seductive character, appealing for many reasons because of his sense of loyalty to family, his sense of honor, and sacrifice. A certain willingness to do whatever was necessary to protect his loved ones.

Part 5
It’s my very great hope that I'll one day get to shoot a movie or TV series here in China. I think there’s an amazing wealth of talent that I’d like to work with and learn from. I’ve heard some amazing things about the studios at (?) with the brick-by-brick reconstruction of the Forbidden City. I heard it’s pretty fantastic. It’s something I’d like to see for myself one day.

Part 6
I don’t tend to go to the “hot spots”, clubs, or restaurants. I prefer to do things of a historic nature to really get a flavor for a city’s past, its culture, its roots. To that end, the one free day that I have of this trip we spent touring the Yu Gardens which were simply fantastic. Like nothing I’ve seen before.

Are you recognized by visitors around you? I try to wear a hat but because of the nature of TV, when you spend four years coming into people’s homes and living rooms every week, they get to know your face pretty well, so…

(In your previous ad for the Chevy car you said “I’m on my way.” So, can you tell us which is your next destination in your life, in your career, or is it in a new series?) Well, I think the gist of the new commercial is that “I’m here, I’ve arrived”, as the Chevy Cruze Turbo has arrived. As far as what’s next for me professionally, I’m trying to keep my options open. I don’t necessarily believe that the only thing I should do from now on is feature film, for example. I might do a movie. I might do another TV show. I might do a play in the West End or maybe on Broadway. It’s about finding a story that speaks to me and that I feel strongly will speak to other people.

Part 7
What’s convenient about my collaboration with GM and Chevy Cruze is that I love to drive. I think if you live in a city like Los Angeles, which is very much car-friendly, you have to love to drive because you spend a great deal of your time behind the wheel of a car. Some of the best experiences I’ve had were driving cross country in the U.S., just taking a week and a half to go coast to coast, stopping and seeing new places, and meeting new people. There’s no better way to do that I think than, locally or nationally, and that’s via car.

Thank you so much. Xie xie.


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More hotness!

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Thank you soraya :*

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Press conference in Shanghai

Thank you so much Starbuck's Girl :)

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Went's lunch: waffles, fried rice with egg, goose meat


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Shanghai, 13.10.2010

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Chilean miners rescue

Florencio Avalos, the first miner who's going up!
Good luck!

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