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Cheetah the chimp from 1930s Tarzan flicks dies...

The death at 80 years old of the Mona Chita, the tireless companion of Tarzan in a primate reserve of Florida (USA) has caused large number of reactions and expressions of affection toward this chimpanzee, although there are some who doubt their true identity.While the website Suncoast Primate The Sanctuary in Palm Harbor (Florida East Coast) announces the death "of the star of the Tarzan movies," which occurred on December 24, although it has always been those who have doubted its true identity and have even argued that this Chita never appeared in any film.They have also ensured that was 50 and not 80 as stated in the Suncoast Primate Reserve. Some doubt fueled by the fact that chimpanzees live an average of between 40 and 50.

What is certain is that there wasn't a single chimpanzee that starred Chita in the film "Tarzan." Several monkeys alternated shooting and usually had at least two in the set of recording.In the Twitter account enabled in its name, the "movie star" is only recognized as "one of the chimpanzees used in the film 'Tarzan' of the 30".

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Kim Jong-Il dies at 69...

...leaving an impressive list of egotistical titles ...

North Korea officially announced the death of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-Il today, two days after he passed away at 69. Kim's youngest son Kim Jong-un was named his successor and given a four-star general ranking despite being hidden his whole life. Here's hoping the son of "Dear Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have" can out-do his father in the naming department.

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Mohammed Bouazizi

The Muurish Tunisian Martyr Who Toppled the Tunisian Government
Since a young man named Mohamed Bouazizi poured petrol over himself on December 17 and set himself, alight in front of the office of the Governor of his region, life turned upside down in Tunisia and the fires that he lit has burned until it engulfed the entire country from town to town.Mr Bouazizi an indigent, indigenous, black Tunisian university graduate had no job in what was suppposedly an enlightened and prosperous African country. He could not find employment anywhere much as he tried, and he had body and soul and family to cater for.His plight echoed the hapless fate of so many thousands and thosuands of young Tunisians, seduced by the promises of western education, yet frustrated and thwarted by a visionless, un-productive, corrupt power structure which dominated the country and suffocated creativity and innovation.The power-elites of Tunisia are indeed guardians and door keepers for the elites of the vampires of the western society. They manage the plantation on behalf of the absentee landlords who own the bonds, the shares and the all other wealth generating resources.So Mohammed Bouazizi became an itinerant vegetable and fruit vendor in other to keep body and soul together without resorting to criminality. This was despite his university degree. That is like working as a flea-market trader after graduating with an M.B.A. from an elite university.But the powers of the vampire system entrenched in Tunisia would not let him be. The law demanded that he needed a license in order to pursue even so lowly a livelihood. He could not hawk fruits and vegetables to keep body and soul together unless he was able to pay a ridiculous sum of money to corrupt city officials as administrative fees for the license he was required to have.All that sounds good and fine until one asks where the supposedly indigent, unemployed, penniless university graduate was supposed find this money for this license. A catch-22 situation.So he took a chance, and began hawking his wares which he had bought on credit from kindly neighbours. He had also taken out loans from his friends and family to buy the used fruit-cart that was to serve as his place of business. He might have hoped perhaps to begin paying down his loans as well as the license fees after making some sales and saving up cash.Alas that was not to be. The police accosted him on his first day out working. He was told that even that business outlet he was hoping on, was denied to him as he did not have a vendor’s licence. He begged for time from those officials but they laughed after him.They then took all his wares, and took down his cart and hauled everything away. The fruits would be shared by the Police thugs, the cart would be kept until reclaimed upon the payment of a penalty as well as the license fee. Bouaziz stood there and watched his livelihood destroyed in a twinkle of an eye.And they slapped him and beat him up when he bothered to voice his protest. Maybe because they thought, he was just another faceless black Tunisian.And they took his cart away. What was he to do, in the land of his birth, the home of his Muurish ancestors. No food, no job, no buying or selling without the license of the beast, just hunger, cold and despodence. Of course there was always the prison, with its violation of the human spirit waiting for those youths who dared to turn into criminality.Then the angel of judgement who had been watching this whole incident possessed the heart of Mohammed Bouaziz. And outrage became incensed, and a fire was kindled in his heart. A fire so strong it would burn down everything….So Mohammed went home and got a gallon of gas. And he went and stood in front of sumptious mansion of the rich, fat governor of his home region, he doused himself with petrol gas and set himself on fire.And passerbys captured the image of this young man buring in a raging fire of mental and spiritual frustration… It was on youtube and Tweeter, Google and ten thousand blogs. And the world saw the unseen fires, daily destroying the youths of Tunisia and Africa as a whole. Mohammed incidentally did not die in the fire. After suffering third degree burns to 98% of his body, he survived another gruesome three weeks in hospital before succumbing to his wounds.And the youths of the world were enraged. But the youths of Tunisia got caught by the blaze set by Mohammed Bouaziz. The fires lit by Mohammed began to grow.At first the youths of his home town protested in rage and began burining cars and tyres and buildings. The police tried to stop them. Mohammed finally died an agonizing death after three weeks in the hospital.During his burial in his home town of Sidi Bouzid, the youths chanted chants of war and vengenace. This government shook, the fire kept on burining. There were more protests.

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Inhuman and brutal

Brutality against women is as old as the history of male domination in society.But the cool-blooded chopping off the hand of an HSC second year student allegedly by her husband, for no offence of her own, seems to have surpassed many such brutalities. She had to meet this tragic incident just because she wanted to continue her study. This act of extreme brutality has once again brought to light how women are subjected to the vilest forms of repression in a male dominated society.
According to media reports, the victim Hawa Akter Jui was left to bleed for about three hours after her husband cut off all the five fingers of her hand with a machete. The brutality did not stop there, the beast in human face also dumped the detached fingers into a dustbin. By the time the fingers were discovered, it was too late to attach them to the hand as all the cells of the fingers had become inactive.
It is really stupefying that when the government has been giving much emphasis on women’s empowerment, we still have to receive such shocking reports at regular intervals. There are laws for the protection of women, but for lack of strict enforcement, repression of women is going on in Bangladesh without any sign of abatement. The fact is, if the perpetrators are given exemplary punishment, then nobody will dare to commit such crime with impunity. However, the problem is also deeply rooted in the very social outlook towards women. Therefore, establishment of a society free from male domination is undoubtedly the ultimate solution of women repression.
We came to know that despite losing all the fingers of her right hand, Jui is very much determined about carrying on her studies. So we hope that apart from ensuring justice to her, the government will also extend all other necessary helps to enable her to fulfil her dream.

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“People said they’ve had enough”

“Is there a global tipping point for frustration? Everywhere, it seems, people said they'd had enough,” -Time Editor Rick Stengel

“In North America and most of Europe, there are no dictators, and dissidents don't get tortured. Any day that Tunisians, Egyptians or Syrians occupy streets and squares, they know that some of them might be beaten or shot, not just pepper-sprayed or flex-cuffed. The protesters in the Middle East and North Africa are literally dying to get political systems that roughly resemble the ones that seem intolerably undemocratic to protesters in Madrid, Athens, London and New York City,” said the front article at Time magazine

“No one could have known that when a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire in a public square, it would incite protests that would topple dictators and start a global wave of dissent. In 2011, protesters didn’t just voice their complaints; they changed the world.”