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Harold Camping predicts the end of the world again...

Harold Camping may have been exaggerating a bit when he said that the world would end on May 21 this year. But that hasn't stopped the radio preacher from making another Doomsday prediction, this time for Friday, Oct. 21.

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Treehouse of Horror XXII

"Treehouse of Horror XXII" is an upcoming episode of Season 23 and will air October 30, 2011. The episode will have a parody of the Dexter opening credits starring Ned Flanders. Aron Ralston is guest starring in this episode.
In the spooky opener, Homer takes a dangerous dive into an isolated canyon on Candy Peak, but when a crashing boulder traps his arm, he channels Aron Ralston (guest voicing as himself) to save himself. In “The Diving Bell and Butterball,” the first of three hair-raising Halloween tales, a venomous spider bite leaves Homer paralyzed, but when Lisa discovers Homer’s ability to communicate through natural gases, he is able to express his love for Marge. The killer spells continue in “Dial D for Diddly,” when Ned Flanders, devout preacher by day, transforms into a cold-blooded vigilante by night. In the final terrifying tale, “In the Na’Vi,” Bart and Milhouse are assigned on a mission to access a sacred extract on a distant planet. They morph into the land’s indigenous one-eyed avatars, but when Bart finds love and an eternal mate abroad, he is caught in planet warfare.

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The story behind Steve Jobs's black turtleneck

Where’d his look come from?

According to Walter Isaacson, Jobs's official biographer, it all started when Jobs visited Japan in the early '80s. Isaacson's book, simply titled "Steve Jobs," won't hit shelves until Oct. 24, but Gawker has released an excerpt ahead of time that details how Jobs's iconic look came to be.

On his visit to Japan, Jobs met Akio Morita, the chairman of Sony. At the time, everyone in Sony’s factories wore uniforms, and Morita told Jobs the practice had begun “after the war, [when] no one had any clothes, and companies like Sony had to give their workers something to wear each day.” Then, over the years, the uniforms became a way for workers to bond with the company and to express the company’s style.

Isaacson explains what happened next: "Sony, with its appreciation for style, had gotten the famous designer Issey Miyake to create its uniform. It was a jacket made of rip-stop nylon with sleeves that could unzip to make it a vest. So Jobs called Miyake and asked him to design a vest for Apple, Jobs recalled, 'I came back with some samples and told everyone it would great if we would all wear these vests. Oh man, did I get booed off the stage. Everybody hated the idea.'"

Okay, so Apple-wide nylon vests might not have been a great idea. But Jobs apparently got stuck on the concept of having a uniform for himself. According to Isaacson, he wanted both the convenience of not having to pick out a new outfit each day, and the “ability to convey a signature style.” Jobs had become friends with Miyake, and the designer had a black turtleneck that had caught the Apple CEO’s eye. He asked Miyake to make him some of them, and the designer sent him “like a hundred.” Isaacson reports that Jobs kept them stacked in the closet, and just like that, the iconic look began.

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Marzieh Vafamehr

An Iranian actress who made a film challenging the limits imposed on artists in the Islamic republic has been sentenced to 90 lashes and a year in jail. Actress Marzieh Vafamehr was handed the sentence on Saturday, according to a Iranian opposition website
A verdict has been issued for Marzieh Vafamehr, sentencing her to a year in jail and 90 lashes. Her lawyer has appealed the sentence,' the website stated.

Vafamehr was arrested in July after appearing in My Tehran For Sale, which came under harsh criticism in conservative circles.

The film, produced in collaboration with Australia, tells the story of a young actress in Tehran whose theatre work is banned by the authorities.

She is then forced to lead a secret life in order to express herself artistically.

The film was part of the official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009.

The Fars news agency said the movie had not been approved for screening in Iran and was being distributed in the country illegally.

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The Magnificent Peacock Butterfly

Habitat: Europe, temperate Asia, and east Japan.

Its colorful "eyes" on the end of each forewing and hindwing almost look as if small white "tears" are pouring out . The underside of the wings is pitch black, which aids in the shock value of the butterfly when it opens its wings in an attempt to ward off predators.

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Dexter Star On Track For A Cure

The UCLA Lymphoma Program presented “A Celebration of Survivorship, On Track for a Cure,” on Sunday 9th, featuring Dexter star Michael C. Hall.

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