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New adidas sneakers can biodegrade in your sink...


It takes less than a second to tell humans from androids...

...It can be hard to tell the difference between humans and androids in such sci-fi TV shows as Westworld. But in real life, beyond our screens, the human brain takes less than a second to tell between reality and fantasy, according to new UC Berkeley research.
The findings, published in the November issue of the journal Nature Communications, show that humans are visually wired to speedily take in information and make a snap judgment about what’s real...

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How the north ended up on top of the map...

Why do maps always show the north as up? For those who don’t just take it for granted, the common answer is that Europeans made the maps and they wanted to be on top. But there’s really no good reason for the north to claim top-notch cartographic real estate over any other bearing, as an examination of old maps from different places and periods can confirm...


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..."come in, Donald...SECURITY!! There is a negro in my office!!!!

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