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World Water Day 2015

Photos to make you think twice about wasting this precious resource...
David Sim

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Diving with a Squid Egg Mass...

"We encountered this in the Philippines, off Ticao Island. No one in our party could identify it (even the divemaster hadn't seen one before), so we turned to the Internet for help. Reddit user RunningWhale initially identified it as a Pyrosome, but a couple YouTube commenters, below, suggested that it was an egg mass from a diamond-shaped squid. That seems like the most likely explanation at this point."
Ryan Carpenter

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How can this person stay in the air?

The "levitating" person is actually sitting on a platform (1) that's attached to a steel (or some other strong metal) post (2), which is granted balance and stability by a large, metal base (3). It's a cool trick, and you'll notice the guy in this picture has really baggy sleeves. Many people performing this trick also will wear gloves to hide the post, and some may not even be touching the post at all. Their real arm could be tucked away inside their sleeve.

In your picture, you can clearly see two fleshy hands, and you can see that there is no post hidden under the top hand, although the view may be limiting our examination. It could also just be that this is an extremely well-designed stunt with two fake arms supporting the platform. Either way, it would just mean that the only physics the charlatans are using is the same physics that allows anyone to sit in a chair.