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Paraguay: President Fernando Lugo was Removed from Office

The Paraguayan Senate voted to impeach President Fernando Lugo after a hasty trial. The Paraguayan Congress had voted in favor of opening an impeachment trial triggered by his handling of a land dispute between police and campesinos (”farmers”), which left 17 people dead (seven policemen and ten farmers).

A Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) delegation traveled to Paraguay to meet with the government and the opposition who pushed the impeachment trial. UNASUR had warned of a “camouflaged coup” and of the consequences that the President’s impeachment could bring to the country.

Today the Senate, which is controlled by the opposition, voted 39 to 4 that Fernando Lugo is guilty of poorly performing his duties, as reported by Paraguayan newspaper ABC [es]. Moments later, Fernando Lugo said he accepted the impeachment.

Protests immediately broke out outside Congress, denouncing this procedure as a coup d’état.

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Rodney King dead at 47

Rodney King, whose beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 was caught on camera and sparked riots after the acquittal of the four officers involved, was found dead in his swimming pool Sunday, authorities and his fiancee said.

"Rodney King was a symbol of civil rights and he represented the anti-police brutality and anti-racial profiling movement of our time," the Rev. Al Sharpton said in a statement. "It was his beating that made America focus on the presence of profiling and police misconduct."

King was 25 and on parole after a robbery conviction in March 1991. In an interview in 2011, he recalled he had been drinking and was headed home from a friend's house when he saw a police car following him and panicked, thinking he would be sent back to prison. So he attempted to flee.

"I had a job to go to that Monday, and I knew I was on parole, and I knew I wasn't supposed to be drinking, and I'm like 'Oh, my God,'"

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...49 years later

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Oh! This isn't the Joker!!!!

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